Best Paper Awards

The following papers were at the top of all submitted papers in each category. The ICASSP 2024 Organizing Committee congratulates the authors for their achievement. Their effort is commendable and sets as an example for all members of the signal processing community.

Best Paper Award


“Composite Federated Learning with Heterogeneous Data”  

Jiaojiao Zhang, Jiang Hu, Mikael Johansson


Conference Best Pape Award for Industry


“Touring Samples with Pushforward Maps”  

Vivien Cabanners, Meta,    Charles Arnal, InRIA


Best Student Paper Awards


“STAR: Distilling Speech Temporal Relation for Lightweight Speech Self-Supervised Learning Models”  

Kangwook Jang, Sungnyun Kim, Hoirin Kim


“DGLP: Incorporating Orientation Information for Enhanced Link Prediction in Directed Graphs”  

Yusen Zhang, Yusong Tan,  Songlei Jian, Qingbo Wu, Kenli Li


“Significant ASR Error Detection for Conversational Voice Assistants”  

John Harvill, Rinat Khaziev, Scarlett Li, Randy Cogill, Lidan Wang, Gopinath Chennupati, Hari Thadakamalla


“Adapting Frechet Audio Distance for Generative Music Evaluation”  

Azalea Gui, Hannes Gamper, Sebastian Braun, Dimitra Emmanouilidou


“Robust Symbol-Level Precoding via A Symbol-Perturbed Zero-Forcing Structure”  

Wai-You Keung, Yatao Liu, Wing-Kin Ma