Call for Industry Colloquiums

The organizing committee of ICASSP 2024 invites proposals for Industry Colloquiums to be held in conjunction with ICASSP 2024. The industrial colloquiums is purposed to be organized by an IEEE volunteer who comes from non-sponsoring organization, which is very good opportunity to share some thoughts without restrictions. In the other side, it is necessary not to have speaking related with a specific company. In this colloquium, people can deal with general industry technology in the form of colloquium. Colloquium participants will have the opportunity to explore special topics and provide international forums for scientists, engineers, and researchers to exchange and share their experiences, new ideas, and research results on topics of current interest. The format of colloquiums will be determined by their organizers.


The proposal should contain the following information:

  • The NAMES, AFFILIATIONS, and SHORT BIOS of the organizer
  • The TITLE of the workshop
  • Scope and topics of the workshop
  • The format of colloquium (standardization, technical presentations, demonstration,  etc.)
  • List of speakers

Deadline: 8, Feb. 2024 

Acceptance Notification: 15, Feb. 2024 

Any Inquiry and Submission to Industry Exhibition Chairs :